Camera-ready abstract submission

Please submit your de-anonymized abstracts by July 31 through SoftConf, adhering to the same formatting constraints as your initial submission (see below).

Call for abstracts

We decided to organize a “hybrid format” in which the entire conference will be accessible online. This includes the possibility to present and participate in discussions remotely. Additionally, we hope to be able to offer in-person participation options if circumstances permit it.

We will follow the format of this year’s CUNY conference with a main session with 30 min slots (20 min talk, 10 min discussion) and thematically organized parallel sessions with short (5 min) talks and a grouped discussion. These parallel sessions will replace poster sessions.

Submit your abstract(s) by May 17, midnight in any timezone. Note that the deadline cannot be extended this year!

Submission guidelines

Here are the templates from last year's AMLaP to get you started: .tex; .docx; .docx. Whether or not you use a template, make sure your abstract follows the following guidelines:

First page:

Second page: